Annual Conference: 14-15 September 2020


2018 Conference Book Suggestions

By Latimer Trust, 02 Oct 2018

For the 2018 conference, Latimer Trust suggested the below books to match the Coaching Sessions & theme. Applying for Incumbencies - Remember your Leaders Recruiting future Gospel Ministers - As it is written Establishing a Healthy Local Church – True Devotion Being effective in the Church of England - Truth and Unity in Christian Fellowship Partnering with AMiE to...

Recruiting and Training Lay Leaders

By Brian Elfick & Clive Hawkins, 18 Sep 2018

Brian Elfick (St Philemons Church Toxteth) & Clive Hawkins (St Mary's Eastrop, Basingstoke) ran the session Recruiting and Training Lay Leaders at our 2018 conference (Mobilise! Every Member Ministry). How to identify & recruit people to serve, training them appropriately, & giving them both tasks and authority for the...

Mobilising Women in Word Ministry

By Carrie Sandom, 18 Sep 2018

A panel session from the 2018 Conference (Mobilise! Every Member Ministry) on Mobilising Women in Word Ministry.

Chaired by Carrie Sandom (St John's Church, Tunbridge Wells)

Panelists include:
Charlotte Cornes (Hoy Trinity, Lyonsdown)
Karen Soole (Trinity Lancaster)
Andy Byfield (Moulton Parish Church)
Johnny Juckes (Oak Hill)

Mobilise - Ephesians 3:14-21

By Paul Williams, 18 Sep 2018

Paul Williams' (Christ Church Fulwood) concluding talk at the 2018 conference (Mobilise! Every Member Ministry), from Ephesians 3:14-21.

From Newcomer to Gospel Partner

By George Crowder & Richard Bray, 18 Sep 2018

George Crowder (St John Over) & Richard Bray (St Anne's Limehouse) ran the session From Newcomer to Gospel Partner at our 2018 conference (Mobilise! Every Member Ministry). A strategy for ‘vine’ work on how to evangelise and grow people in Christian maturity from the moment they first...

Romans 12:1-10

By Richard Coekin, 18 Sep 2018

Richard Coekin (Dundonald Church) gave the second bible reading at the 2018 Conference (Mobilise! Every Member Ministry) from Romans 12.

Accompanying powerpoint available to download here.

Priesthood of All Believers

By Peter Jensen, 17 Sep 2018

Peter Jensen expands the theology of the Priesthood of All Believers at our 2018 Conference (Mobilise! Every Member Ministry).

Recruiting future Gospel Ministers - Handout

By Neil Barber & Ed Pennington, 17 Sep 2018

Neil Barber (St Giles' Church Derby) & Ed Pennington (Christ Church Endcliffe) ran the session Recruiting future Gospel Ministers session at our 2018 conference (Mobilise! Every Member Ministry). How to identify/select, nurture & train future gospel workers from your church whether in the Church of England or AMiE.  What can a local...

Ephesians 4:1-16

By Lee Gatiss, 17 Sep 2018

Lee Gatiss (Director of The Church Society) gave the first bible reading at the 2018 Conference (Mobilise! Every Member Ministry) from Ephesians 4.

Vacancies Flowchart

By ReNew Administrator, 20 Jun 2018

Your Vicar, Rector or Priest-in-Charge is leaving and there is to be a vacancy. What happens next? This flowchart should guide you through the main steps. However there is much more information on the Church Society Trust webpages.

Download the Flowchart here.