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If you would like to learn more about church planting with AMiE, contact Lee McMunn, the AMiE Mission Director (

About the Role

AMiE is a church planting network of Anglican churches. Our gospel ambition is to see 25 AMiE churches by 2025 and 250 by 2050.

Mission is the headline of all that we do. Each AMiE church is determined to play its part in the great commission that the risen Lord Jesus Christ has given to his people; the making of many disciples through the spreading of the gospel to all nations.

We are convinced that the local church is God’s primary means of mission and so our priority is to help pioneer and facilitate the planting of many healthy Anglican churches. Our prayer is that the existence of these churches will lead to the salvation of many. We long for thousands to be saved from the judgement to come, so that instead they can enjoy the privilege of being disciples of Jesus.

AMiE is like a network of search and rescue teams. The purpose of each team is to find and save the lost from imminent danger. Successful teams require excellent servant leadership and the active involvement of each team member. Our desire is to increase the number of our rescue teams so that we can reach many more with the good news of Jesus.