Annual Conference: 14-15 September 2020

Future Leaders Conference

Envisioning the next generation of gospel workers

Friday 10th January - Sunday 12th January 2020
Ashburnham Place, Battle, TN33 9NF

We have a vision to see healthy Anglican churches across the whole of England.

To see this, we need a whole generation of new gospel workers - pastors, women’s workers, evangelists, youth workers and so on. Could that include you?

We recognise that men and women need help navigating the best way for them to serve the Lord Jesus. Questions you might be asking include:

  • Is set-aside gospel ministry for me?
  • What training do I need?
  • How will this affect my family?
  • What about the uncertainties in the Church of England?

We want to give you the best possible support as you work these things out for yourself. 

More than that, we want to connect you with a whole network of the next generation of gospel workers who share this godly ambition of seeing people saved to the glory of God through thousands of healthy Anglican churches.

So this year we are meeting for just 48 hours to help those exploring full-time, set aside gospel ministry in an Anglican context. We will hear talks from the Bible from Marc Baker (Kea Church Truro), Tim Chapman (Christ Church South Cambs), Denesh Divyanathan (The Crossing Church Singapore), Brian Elfick (St Philemon’s Toxteth), Richard Leadbeater (Kings Church Guildford), and William Taylor (St Helen Bishopsgate). We will have useful optional seminars, panels, Q&A and plenty of time to pray. And we also arrange to have a good number of wise church leaders at every stage of experience on hand for you to talk with in confidence about anything you like.

The conference is open to anyone who comes with their church leader’s blessing. We hope you will join us!


Friday 10th
1300  Lunch, arrival of delegates
1400  Welcome and Introduction: The urgent task (Brian Elfick)
1445  Prayer
1500  What is ReNew?
1545  Tea
1630  What is mission & ministry? (Denesh Divyanathan)
1730  Discussion & prayer groups
1830  Supper
2000  Why Anglicanism? (William Taylor + panel)

Saturday 11th
0915  The urgent task: Who is to do it (Brian Elfick)
1015  Coffee
1100  What next? (Tim Chapman)
1200  Seminars:

  • How do I know?
    • Addressing the questions many will have on how to know if full-time paid ministry is the best way to serve and when the right time is for that.
  • Thinking it through as a couple
    • Discussing full-time paid ministry implications for a marriage and families
  • What is the process?
    • Considering how to get through the Church of England and/or AMiE selection process
  • How do I get trained?
  • Where should I serve?

1300  Lunch
1430  Free afternoon
1600  Tea
1630  What is mission & ministry? (Denesh Divyanathan)
1730  Discussion & prayer groups
1830  Supper
2000  Q&A 

Sunday 12th
0915  What is mission & ministry? (Denesh Divyanathan)
1030  Discussion & prayer groups
1130  Coffee
1200  The urgent task: How can we do it? (Brian Elfick)
1300  Lunch


Please do contact us before registering if cost is a barrier to you attending, as there is a bursary fund available to assist with covering delegate costs.

  • Single occupancy standard (shared bathroom) - £130 per person
  • Single occupancy ensuite - £150 per person
  • Shared occupancy standard (shared bathroom) - £100 per person
  • Shared occupancy ensuite - £130 per person

Registrations have now closed for this conference. If you have any questions, please email